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After 40 years in history, the Compact Disc still is the most important physical distribution media for recorded music today. Many people still love their physical record collection, it's easy handling and the convenience of grabbing a record from the shelf to listen at any time while turning the pages of a printed booklet with elaborate program notes, translated lyrics or information about the artist's background and intention.

The next generation reference media for music recordings is the Pure Audio Blu-ray disc. It combines Blu-ray’s vast storage capacity and bandwidth necessary for high resolution immersive sound with the easy and straight-forward handling of a CD. Pure Audio Blu-rays play back on every Blu-ray player and host all sound formats available for our records: lossless immersive sound formats such as Auro-3D or Dolby Atmos, conventional stereo in high resolution and sometimes even additional audio streams such as a native binaural mix for immersive headphone listening. On top of that, most of our Pure Audio Blu-rays are equipped with mShuttle technology – the key to enjoying your music even when away from your Blu-ray player: connecting your Blu-ray player to your home network will enable you to access portable copies of the music on the disc for listening on the go.

For more details about this next generation physical distribution media visit www.pureaudio-bluray.com