IAN Records

Through the uncompromising and consistent use of the latest production techniques, we at IAN Records provide you with reference quality immersive music.

Our team of expert sound engineers and producers with more than a decade of experience in 3D music production is committed to create an intense and deeply emotional music experience.

The Immersive Audio Network

Immersive audio formats such as Dolby Atmos and Auro-3D open up new dimensions for recorded music. Additional spatial components create a fully enveloping sound stage that allows you as a listener to dive deep into the artist‘s performance.

When we started working with the newly emerging three-dimensional sound formats about ten years ago, we quickly realised that these 3D audio technologies are not just a technical gimmick or short-lived showmanship, but rather a creative tool that has a fundamental influence on the music itself and its effect on the listener.

After the first few years of research and development, we founded the Immersive Audio Network (IAN) in order to establish a framework for the realisation of immersive music projects on the one hand and to nourish the professional collaboration among producers, sound engineers and musicians on the other hand. Our focus is equally on productions, live events, sound installations, always in close cooperation with technology developers and industry partners.

The record label IAN Records, which was created as a consequence, is ultimately a platform for making our immersive music projects accessible to an audience all over the world. We currently strongly believe in the physical medium of the Pure Audio Blu-ray as a means of distributing immersive sound in studio quality. However, our records also appear on all major streaming platforms that support immersive sound formats such as Dolby Atmos and Sony 360 Reality Audio.

Team Members

Immersive Producer, CEO

Immersive Producer, Mastering Engineer

Mixing and Mastering Engineer

Recording Producer, Mixing Engineer

Recording Producer, Mixing Engineer