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HAZAR is one of the few musicians out there who managed to become a virtuoso withtwo completely different musical instruments. Early in his career, in addition to composition classes he took lessons in harmony and counterpoint with Prof Tibor Yusti von Arth, the only student of Sergei Rachmaninow and composed music for Paramount Pictures. Later he studied at the Maastricht Academy of Music and as world's first musician he has received an internationally recognized master's degree in jazz with saz. In his album "Virtuoso" accompanied with bassist Carles Benavent, released in 2009, HAZAR demonstrated an extraordinary technique by playing pieces of Chick Corea, Bach, Mozart and Paganini’s Caprice on three strings and was regarded as "The Paganini of Saz". Referred to as "one of the best saz players of all time" by Prof Talip Özkan, the musician shared the stage with jazz orchestras and world famous musicians taking significant steps to promote the saz at international level. In a conversation with John McLaughlinafter a concert in Cologne, John commented on his album: "If you want to show your skills, you should play guitar." At the height of his musical career HAZAR switched to acoustic guitar. Speaking of himself, he has stated in an interview: "I had nothing more to tell with the saz." Within a very short time he was able to play the guitar at highest level and recorded "Reincarnated" with Al Di Meola as special guest.

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  • mShuttle: Stereo & Binaural flac

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