Ian Thomas

How We Roll

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“This album is a refelection of life and relationships. It seems in this age, one of the biggest realizations is how much we need one another. We are communal beings by nature. The metaphors in nature are so remarkable. Can we follow suit and better co-habitate on this fragile blue jewel in the void of the universe. The title song How We Roll begs the question, Is this the best we can do? It is wonderful after all these albums that began with my first hit in 1973 I am still in awe of the creative process and the magic of the sound canvas of recording. Immersive sound allows me to inhabit the songs, live in the thoughts, emotions and cadences in the audio landscape around me.” – Ian Thomas

Ian Thomas is a Juno award winning Canadian Singer-Songwriter, film composer, author and actor. In 2014 he received SOCAN's National Achievement Award for Songwriting. His first international hit was “Painted Ladies” in 1973, followed by a string of top 40 hits in Canada and around the world. International artists such as Santana, America, Manfred Mann, Bon Jovi, Bette Midler, Ann Murray and Chicago have all recorded Ian Thomas songs. In the 1990s, he formed a band called “The Boomers” that found great success with four albums in Europe.

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