Stefan Zaradić's Jazzmachine


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It’s extraordinary in many respects – the new album by outstanding producer and sound architect Stefan Zaradić. All the tracks on "24" are part of a journey dealing with the theme of time, by means of musical images – or rather, moods – that cannot be classified in conventional categories. “24" is about time, transience and re-emergence. Whether inspired by blues, reggae or funk, each of the 10 tracks develops very subtle and powerful moods that increasingly pull the listener along with them. This is magnificent music for active listening, as you flow along with the current of time. All of it brilliantly arranged and produced.

With the immersive Dolby Atmos version, Stefan Zaradić, one of the great pioneers of 3D audio, pushes open a door into spaces that were previously inaccessible. This is where musical intuition and technical expertise come together in an entirely new and futuristic way. The title "24" refers to the twenty-four exceptional artists Stefan Zaradić has brought together for this journey through time. The selection was made according to his very own criteria: "It doesn't matter whether I hear someone in a classical, pop or jazz production, in a premium or underground project. It usually doesn't take more than one or two bars for me to sense a special magic in the room – one that I resonate with." The album "24" was inspired by the Austrian music legend Kurt Hauenstein, alias Supermax, with whom Stefan toured as a Keyboard player from 1985 to 1993. The two later lost track of each other until 2010, when Stefan sent Kurt Hauenstein the first drafts and ideas. Kurt was immediately enthusiastic and started working on his contribution. Unfortunately, he was unable to finish his work – he passed away quite unexpectedly in early 2011. It took almost nine years and several attempts for this exceptional production, dedicated to Kurt Hauenstein, to be completed.

Jazzmachine's most recent albums have already received awards as Audiophile Highlights and been given 5-star ratings. "24" is setting an entirely new benchmark here once again, and will thrill and delight music lovers and fans of high-quality, sophisticated audiophile productions alike.

Blu-ray Pure Audio Formats

  • Stereo, 48 kHz
  • 5.1 DTS-HD Master Audio, 48 kHz
  • Dolby Atmos, 48 kHz
  • 7.1.4 Auro-3D, 48 kHz
  • mShuttle: Stereo flac, 48 kHz

Additional Features (Deluxe Set)

  • "42 Seconds" Remix with Full HD Art Film
  • Artist Connection: Online access to the album in Hi-Res Stereo & SONY 360 Reality Audio
  • 24 page Booklet & E-Book "Artists and Stories of encounters"
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