Bob Reynolds Group

Hush (Limited Vinyl Edition)

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For all vinyl lovers, we have a very special product: the single Hush from the forthcoming live album by the Bob Reynolds Group will be released on LP: The A-side presents the 14-minute track in conventional stereo, while the B-side features the same music in an immersive binaural mix for headphone listening. For the first time, the immersive experience is combined with the unique character of an analogue record.

Hush opens with the magical saxophone sound of Bob Reynolds playing a dreamy duet intro with Janek Gwizdala on bass. As the full band joins in with Ruslan Sirota on piano, we're taken on an energetic musical journey and finally left with an epic drum solo by Gene Coye.

This numbered edition is limited to 180 copies in a 180g heavyweight pressing. The full album is available on Pure Audio Blu-ray and CD: Live in Munich.

by Immersive Sound Art, 2024